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Commissioning insures that a new building contains the equipment contracted for and that it will perform as designed. It is applied to the controls, mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, fire safety, security and communication systems among others and runs concurrently with the construction process. Simply put, owners hire us to make sure that they are continuously updated and actual rather than proposed construction is verified.

During the initial inspection phase, our team determines that all equipment and controls have been installed and are tied into their appropriate systems correctly. They check that the equipment is accessible for future maintenance and repair and that the installation has been done in a workmanlike fashion. After start up, dynamic systems tests insure that design intent has been maintained for all sequences of operation.

Our commitment to the project includes the preparation of universal P&ID’s (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams). This is a standardized format for presenting controls drawings promulgated by the Instrumentation Systems and Automation Society, the international accreditation authority for controls and instrumentation. 

The universal symbols are easily understood by designers and contractors and take the guesswork out of controls design and installation. We also act as intermediary between the owner and the trades and can propose practical and affordable solutions to problems encountered during construction.

All results are documented for presentation to the owner. We review operations and maintenance manuals and coordinate training for the building staff. We submit our detailed checklists and review the final as-built drawings.

When done properly, commissioning avoids costly legal wrangling over malfunctioning equipment, minimizes concerns over voided warranties, insures that systems will run at peak efficiencies and contributes significantly to the comfort, productivity and life safety of future occupants. 

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